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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
20156th-order finite volume approximations for the stokes equations with a curved boundaryCosta, Ricardo Daniel Pereira; Clain, Stéphane; Machado, Gaspar J.Conference paperOpen access
10-Nov-2020Advanced computational methods towards high-performance polymer processing simulationsCosta, Ricardo Daniel Pereira daDoctoral thesisOpen access
Jul-2019Development and verification of an open-source computational framework to simulate injection mouldingFontaínhas, Ana Margarida Cunhal; Pedro, João Luís Oliveira; Romero, João Luís Braga Simões, et al.PosterOpen access
Nov-2021Efficient very high-order accurate polyhedral mesh finite volume scheme for 3D conjugate heat transfer problems in curved domainsCosta, Ricardo Daniel Pereira da; Nóbrega, J. M.; Clain, Stéphane, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Jul-2014Finite volume scheme based on cell-vertex reconstructions for anisotropic diffusion problems with discontinuous coefficientsCosta, Ricardo; Clain, Stéphane; Machado, Gaspar J.Conference paperOpen access
2014New cell-vertex reconstruction for finite volume scheme : application to the convection-diffusion-reaction equationCosta, Ricardo Daniel Pereira; Clain, Stéphane; Machado, Gaspar J.ArticleOpen access
2015Numerical modeling and assessment of the thermal environment in an industrial premise of automotive componentsCosta, Ricardo Daniel PereiraMaster thesis Open access
2015A sixth-order finite volume method for the 1D biharmonic operator: application to intramedullary nail simulationCosta, Ricardo Daniel Pereira; Machado, Gaspar J.; Clain, StéphaneArticleOpen access
2018Very high-order accurate finite volume scheme on curved boundaries for the two-dimensional steady-state convection–diffusion equation with Dirichlet conditionCosta, Ricardo Daniel Pereira da; Clain, Stéphane; Loubère, Raphaël, et al.ArticleOpen access