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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
14-Oct-2017Porter's competitive strategies in fashion industry: case studyMarques, António Manuel Dinis Ribeiro; Ferreira, Fernando; Guedes, Maria da GraçaOral presentationOpen access
4-Jul-2018Presence of sustainability approaches in fashion design academic curricula: evidences from Southern EuropeMarques, António Dinis; Sousa, Eva; Broega, A. C.Conference paperOpen access
10-Jun-2016Social networking as tool for global communication for fashion brandsHermanaviciute, Gintare; Marques, António Manuel Dinis RibeiroConference paperOpen access
Feb-2019Sustainability in the Portuguese Fashion Accessory & Footwear Industry (Case Studies)Azambuja, Patrícia; Marques, António Dinis; Broega, A. C.ArticleOpen access
10-Nov-2018Sustainability in the portuguese fashion accessory & footwear industry (case studies)Marques, António Dinis; Azambuja, Patrícia de Paula; Broega, A. C.Conference paperEmbargoed access (2 Years)
Dec-2018Sustainable entrepreneurship in the reuse of textile waste: H Sarah Trading case study in PortugalJordão, Carina; Broega, A. C.; Puppim, R., et al.Conference paperOpen access
22-Jun-2018The Generation Y’s sustainability perceptions and consumption habits in the footwear industry in PortugalBernardes, João Pedro; Marques, António Dinis; Ferreira, Fernando, et al.Conference paperOpen access
Jun-2021Upcycling of natural fibers to create new fashion productsMarques, António Dinis; Oliveira, JoanaConference paperOpen access
Feb-2020Web analytics for online fashionMarques, António Dinis; Bernardes, João PedroBook partOpen access