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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
15-Apr-2022Application of fermented brewer’s spent grain extract in plant-based diets for European seabass juvenilesFernandes, Helena; Castro, Carolina; Salgado, José Manuel Seara, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
12-Feb-2020Assessing antimicrobial potential of agroindustrial byproducts' extracts produced through solid state fermentation in marine fishSilva, J. F.; Serra, C. R.; Santos, R. A., et al.AbstractOpen access
Oct-2019Effect of biological and physical pre-treatments of Ulva rigida in the quality of on-growing European seabass Dicentrarchus labraxFernandes, Helena; Martins, Nicole; Salgado, José Manuel Seara, et al.AbstractOpen access
12-Oct-2022Enzyme-rich extract and use thereof in pre-treatment of plant feedstuff-based dietsPeres, Helena; Belo, Isabel; Salgado, José Manuel Seara, et al.Patent Open access
15-Nov-2019Extraction of antioxidant compounds from enzymatic hydrolysis of brewer's spent grain after solid-state fermentationFernandes, Helena; Salgado, José Manuel; Peres, H., et al.AbstractOpen access
Feb-2020Improved lignocellulolytic enzyme production and antioxidant extraction using solid-state fermentation of olive pomace mixed with winery wasteFilipe, Diogo; Fernandes, Helena; Castro, Carolina, et al.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2019In vitro evaluation of the interaction between exogenous carbohydrases produced by solid-state fermentation of brewers’ spent grain and digestive enzymesFernandes, Helena; Moyano, Francisco J.; Fernandes, Nelson, et al.AbstractOpen access
12-Feb-2020Novel fish feed supplements: giving value to agroindustrial wastesFilipe, D.; Salgado, José Manuel Seara; Fernandes, Helena, et al.AbstractOpen access
2002Planeamento e desenvolvimento desportivo municipal: linhas de orientação para o planeamento de espaços desportivosViseu, José; Ribeiro, J. Cadima; Parente, Fernando Silva, et al.ReportOpen access
May-2021Polyunsaturated fatty acids production by solid-state fermentation on polyurethane foam by Mortierella alpinaFerreira, Marta Alexandra Lages; Fernandes, Helena; Peres, Helena, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2011Porque o tempo conta: elementos para uma abordagem sociológica da mediação familiarAraújo, Emília Rodrigues; Rodrigues, Carmen; Fernandes, Helena, et al.ArticleOpen access
26-Nov-2022Potential of red, green and brown seaweeds as substrates for solid state fermentation to increase their nutritional value and to produce enzymesFerreira, Marta Alexandra Lages; Salgado, José Manuel; Fernandes, Helena, et al.ArticleOpen access
Jul-2022Pre-treatment of Ulva rigida improves its nutritional value for European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juvenilesFernandes, Helena; Martins, Nicole; Vieira, Lúcia, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
7-Oct-2019Production of enzymatic extracts for aquafeeds by solid-state fermentation with Aspergillus ibericus of winery and olive mill wastesFilipe, Diogo; Salgado, José Manuel Seara; Fernandes, Helena, et al.AbstractOpen access
Feb-2021Recent advances in production of lignocellulolytic enzymes by solid-state fermentation of agro-industrial wastesLeite, A.; Sousa, D. F.; Fernandes, Helena, et al.ArticleOpen access
2-Dec-2002Relatório final : o consumo desportivo em PortugalViseu, José; Santos, Osvaldo; Fernandes, Helena, et al.ReportOpen access
9-Jan-2023Shelf-life performance of fish feed supplemented with bioactive extracts from fermented olive mill and winery by-productsFilipe, Diogo; Gonçalves, A.; Fernandes, Helena, et al.ArticleOpen access
30-Jan-2023Solid-state fermentation of distiller’s dried grains with solubles improves digestibility for european seabass (dicentrarchus labrax) juvenilesFilipe, Diogo; Dias, Mário; Magalhães, Rui, et al.ArticleOpen access
Dec-2021Solid-state fermented brewer's spent grain enzymatic extract increases in vitro and in vivo feed digestibility in European seabassFernandes, Helena; Moyano, Francisco; Castro, Carolina, et al.ArticleOpen access
Jul-2002Spatial sport planning and development : spatial economy location theories applied to the location of physical activity, leisure & health facilitiesViseu, José; Ribeiro, J. Cadima; Fernandes, Helena, et al.Conference paperOpen access