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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2005Acetylation genotype and the genetic susceptibility to postate cancer in a Southern European populationCosta, Sandra Maria Araújo da; Pinto, Daniela; Morais, António, et al.ArticleOpen access
26-Nov-2014Action of three (Z)-5-amino-N'-aryl-1-methyl-1H-imidazole-4-carbohydrazonamides on mitochondrial activity of Candida sp. and its effect in NO productionGabriel, Carla; Maia, Marta; Pinto, Eugénia, et al.AbstractOpen access
28-Jan-2011Association between EGF +61A/G polymorphism and gastric cancer in CaucasiansAraújo, Ana Paula; Costa, Bruno Marques; Correia, Ana L. Pinto, et al.ArticleOpen access
6-Apr-2021Cancer cells’ metabolism dynamics in renal cell carcinoma patients’ outcome: influence of GLUT-1-Related hsa-miR-144 and hsa-miR-186Morais, Mariana; Dias, Francisca; Nogueira, Inês, et al.ArticleOpen access
Dec-2012Detection of the Epstein-Barr virus in blood and bone marrow mononuclear cells of patients with aggressive B-cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma is not associated with prognosisMarques, Herlander; Catarino, Raquel; Domingues, Nelson, et al.ArticleOpen access
Jun-2007DNA repair polymorphisms might contribute differentially on familial and sporadic breast cancer susceptibility: a study on a Portuguese populationCosta, Sandra; Pinto, Daniela; Pereira, Deolinda, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Dec-2019Epstein-Barr virus is absent in gastric superficial neoplastic lesionsRibeiro, Joana; Malta, Mariana; Galaghar, Ana, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Dec-2017Genetic variants as ovarian cancer first-line treatment hallmarks: a systematic review and meta-analysisAssis, Joana; Pereira, Carina; Nogueira, Augusto, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Oct-2019Hepatitis E virus in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients: A systematic reviewCruz, Sara; Campos, Carla; Timóteo, Mafalda, et al.ArticleOpen access
Aug-2019High-Risk human papillomavirus genotype distribution in the Northern region of Portugal: data from regional cervical cancer screening programSousa, Hugo; Tavares, Ana; Campos, Carla, et al.ArticleOpen access
29-Jan-2008Importance of TP53 codon 72 and intron 3 duplication 16bp polymorphisms in prediction of susceptibility on breast cancerCosta, Sandra; Pinto, Daniela; Pereira, Deolinda, et al.ArticleOpen access
2007Importance of xeroderma pigmentosum group D polymorphisms in susceptibility to ovarian cancerCosta, Sandra Maria Araújo da; Pinto, Daniela; Pereira, Deolinda, et al.ArticleOpen access
2019Inhibitory effect of 5-aminoimidazole-4-carbohydrazonamides derivatives against Candida spp biofilm on nanohydroxyapatite substrateGabriel, Carla; Grenho, L.; Cerqueira, Fátima, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2021Mechanism of Antifungal Activity by 5-Aminoimidazole-4-Carbohydrazonamide Derivatives against Candida albicans and Candida kruseiCerqueira, Fátima; Maia, Marta; Gabriel, Carla, et al.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2016Methodology for single nucleotide polymorphism selection in promoter regions for clinical use. An example of its applicabilityMarques, Herlander; Freitas, J.; Medeiros, Rui, et al.ArticleOpen access
2014Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamidrazonesRibeiro, Ana Isabel F.; Gabriel, Carla; Cerqueira, Fátima, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2013The impact of GGH -401C>T polymorphism on cisplatin-based chemoradiotherapy response and survival in cervical cancerSilva, Inês Hilário; Silva, Cristina Nogueira; Figueiredo, Tiago, et al.ArticleOpen access
Feb-2012The rs5743836 polymorphism in TLR9 confers a population-based increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphomaCarvalho, Agostinho; Cunha, Cristina; Almeida, A. J., et al.ArticleOpen access
May-2008XRCC1 Arg399Gln and RAD51 5'UTR G135C polymorphisms and their outcome in tumor aggressiveness and survival of Portuguese breast cancer patientsCosta, Sandra; Pinto, Daniela; Pereira, Deolinda, et al.Letter to the editorOpen access