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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2010Brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy classifiersAlves, Victor; Oliveira, Susana Marta Fonseca de; Rocha, JaimeConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
4-Sep-2019Enhancing the process of view selection in data cubes using what-If analysisCarvalho, Mariana Reimão Queiroga Valério deDoctoral thesisOpen access
2019From NOSQL databases to decision support systems: developing a business intelligence solutionPereira, José Luís; Costa, MarcoArticleOpen access
2017Knowledge discovery from surgical waiting listsNeto, Cristiana; Peixoto, Hugo Daniel Abreu; Abelha, Vasco António Pinheiro Costa, et al.Conference paperOpen access
2017Machine learning in nutritional follow-up researchReis, Rita; Peixoto, Hugo; Machado, José, et al.ArticleOpen access
2018Modelos de Data Mining como serviço: interpretação de imagensCoelho, Pamela de FigueiredoMaster thesis Embargoed access (3 Years)
2019Multidimensional evaluation of user interfaces usability enriched with decision support systems analysisCarvalho, Mariana; Belo, Orlando; Silva, SauloConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2020A new architecture for intelligent clinical decision support for intensive medicinePeixoto, Hugo; Guimarães, Tiago André Saraiva; Santos, ManuelConference paperOpen access
2014Overcoming the lack of human-interaction in Ubiquitous Group Decision Support SystemsCarneiro, João; Santos, Ricardo; Marreiros, Goreti, et al.Conference paperOpen access
2019Predicting the length of hospital stay after surgery for perforated peptic ulcerMachado, José Manuel; Cardoso, Ana Catarina; Gomes, Inês Varela, et al.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2017Predicting the need of Neonatal Resuscitation using Data MiningMorais, Ana; Peixoto, Hugo Daniel Abreu; Coimbra, Ana Cecília Sousa Rocha, et al.Conference paperOpen access
2004Projecto e implementação de sistemas de Data WarehousingSantos, VascoMaster thesis Open access
Sep-2009Sistemas espaciais de apoio à decisão : suporte às actividades de negócioFreitas, Paulo Jorge Sousa Pedras deMaster thesis Open access
2017Step towards prediction of perineal tearFonseca, Francisca; Peixoto, Hugo Daniel Abreu; Miranda, Filipe Manuel Mota, et al.Conference paperOpen access
2018Strategic brand decisions in the food market: an empirical approachGouveia, Sandra; Nunes, Manuel Lopes; Braga, A. C.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2015UbiGDSS: a theoretical model to predict decision-makers’ satisfactionCarneiro, João; Santos, Ricardo; Marreiros, Goreti, et al.ArticleOpen access