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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2015An advanced 3D multi-body system model for the human lumbar spineSousa, Amélia Sofia Moreira Neto Mendes de; Claro, José Carlos PimentaConference paperOpen access
2012Application of the nonsmooth dynamics approach to model and analyze the contact-impact events in cam-follower systemsFlores, Paulo; Leine, Remco; Glocker, ChristophArticleOpen access
2015Definition of multibody systemFlores, PauloBook partRestricted access (Author)
2013Development of a 3D multibody system of the human lumbar spineMatos, Joana Filipa Ferreira deMaster thesis Open access
2012Development of a biomechanical spine model for dynamic analysisMorais, Sara Tribuzi de Melo Nunes de; Flores, Paulo; Claro, José Carlos PimentaConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2015Frictional contacts in multibody dynamicsMarques, Pedro Filipe LimaMaster thesis Open access
2014Modelação multicorpo simplificada para análise de solicitações dinâmicas da coluna lombar humanaSousa, Vanessa Cunha deMaster thesis Open access
2016Multibody systems formulationFlores, Paulo; Lankarani, Hamid M.Book partRestricted access (Author)
2015A new approach to eliminate the constraints violation at the position and velocity levels in constrained mechanical multibody systemsFlores, PauloConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
Apr-2017On the constraints violation in forward dynamics of multibody systemsMarques, Pedro Filipe Lima; Souto, A. Pedro; Flores, PauloArticleOpen access
2014Otimização de um modelo multicorpo da coluna lombar humanaSousa, Amélia Sofia Moreira Neto Mendes deMaster thesis Open access
1-Feb-2022Suspension parameters analysis for different track conditionsCarvalho, José Diogo Gonçalves deMaster thesis Open access
2009Teaching kinematics and dynamics of multibody mechanical systems using the object oriented language modelicaSeabra, Eurico; Machado, José MendesArticleOpen access