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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
6-Dec-2016Warm and acid: short term combined effects of temperature and pH on coastal speciesAraújo, Maria José Marques deMaster thesis Restricted access (UMinho)
2014Wave hydrodynamics in coastal stretches influenced by detached breakwatersVieira, Bárbara Filipa VasquezMaster thesis Open access
3-Apr-2013We as Us: o papel do arquiteto colaborativoCavalheiro, Jorge Alexandre RamosMaster thesis Open access
2012We Can’t Go Home Again : os Art Games enquanto veículo de expressão artísticaRibeiro, Rui Morgado Belo DiasMaster thesis Open access
2018Wear behavior of glass-ceramic and polymer-infiltrated ceramic materials for dental applicationsSilva, Cristina SantosMaster thesis Open access
2015Wear of PEEK-Ti6Al4V systems under micro-abrasion and linear sliding conditionsSampaio, Miguel Ângelo GuimarãesMaster thesis Open access
15-Dec-2006Wear, corrosion and tribocorrosion behavior of al-based composites reinforced with al-rich intermetallic compoundsFerreira, S. C.Master thesis Open access
2018Wearable muscle force sensory system - MuscLabGuimarães, Ricardo Nuno SousaMaster thesis Open access
2018Wearable sensory systems for real-time human gait analysisCosta, Luís Orlando LeiteMaster thesis Embargoed access (3 Years)
2011Web 2.0 : um levantamento dos conhecimentos e práticas dos professores de diferentes níveis de ensino nos seus contextos pessoais e profissionaisPereira, Maria Isabel GomesMaster thesis Open access
18-Nov-2013Web 3D Service: an open source implementationOliveira, Nuno Miguel CarvalhoMaster thesis Open access
19-Jan-2015Web based player for public displaysFélix, André Filipe PereiraMaster thesis Open access
18-Dec-2012Web browser access to cryptographic hardwareBraga, Leonel João FernandesMaster thesis Open access
2012A Web como mediadora do processo de ensino-aprendizagem de matemáticaLarsen, Carla Cristina Rocha GomesMaster thesis Open access
2018Web Intelligence no Ensino SuperiorMaia, Adriano Rafael Rodrigues FariaMaster thesis Embargoed access (3 Years)
17-Dec-2013Web security analysis: an approach to HTML5 risks and pitfallsOliveira, Luís Filipe Silva deMaster thesis Open access
2005Web services na informação geográficaAraújo, Mário AndréMaster thesis Open access
2018Web-based analysis of Reo connectorsCruz, Rúben André Marques daMaster thesis Open access
2017A web-based social environment for AlloyPereira, José Manuel CostaMaster thesis Open access
13-Dec-2012A web-based tool for user experience studiesCoelho, AndréMaster thesis Open access