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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2010Globalization, product differentiation and wage inequalityBastos, Paulo; Straume, Odd RuneWorking paperOpen access
2013Government size, composition of public expenditure, and economic developmentMartins, Susana Campos; Veiga, Francisco JoséWorking paperOpen access
Nov-2008Green goods: are they good or bad news for the environment? evidence from a laboratory experiment on impure public goodsMunro, Alistair; Valente, MarietaWorking paperOpen access
Nov-2017Growing old, unhealthy and unequal: an exploratory study on the health of Portuguese individuals aged 50+Dias, Isabel Maria Machado Correia Brioso; Ferreira, Priscila; Pinto, Lígia, et al.Working paperOpen access
2010A growth model for the quadruple helix innovation theoryAfonso, Óscar; Monteiro, Sara; Thompson, Maria João RibeiroWorking paperOpen access
2008Growth, centrism and semi-presidentialism : forecasting the portuguese general electionsMagalhães, Pedro C.; Conraria, Luís AguiarWorking paperOpen access
2011Growth, competition and political stability in ChinaAlexandre, Fernando; Mendes, CarmenWorking paperOpen access
Dec-2000Has Portugal gone wireless? : looking back, looking aheadBotelho, Anabela; Pinto, LígiaWorking paperOpen access
Feb-2012Health marketing: understanding patient satisfaction in a hospital emergency departmentSoares, Ana Maria; Farhangmehr, MinooWorking paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2015Henry David Thoreau e os fins da vida em Vida sem PrincípiosCosta, JaimeWorking paperOpen access
Jul-2022High school and exam scores: Does their predictive validity for academic performance vary with programme selectivity?Silva, Pedro Luis; Sá, Carla Angélica da Silva Pinto de; Biscaia, Ricardo, et al.Working paperOpen access
2013High-growth firms : what is the impact of region-specific characteristics?Bogas, Patrícia; Barbosa, NatáliaWorking paperOpen access
2010Higher education (related) choices in Portugal : joint decisions on institution type and leaving homeSá, Carla Angélica da Silva Pinto de; Tavares, Diana Amado; Justino, Elsa, et al.Working paperOpen access
Jun-2012O homem de negócios contemporâneo: uma síntese da trajetória investigativaSá, MárcioWorking paperOpen access
2014Horizontal mergers and product qualityBrekke, Kurt R.; Siciliani, Luigi; Straume, Odd RuneWorking paperOpen access
2008Hospital competition and quality with regulated pricesBrekke, Kurt R.; Siciliani, Luigi; Straume, Odd RuneWorking paperOpen access
Dec-2018Hospital Competition in the National Health Service: Evidence from a Patient Choice ReformBrekke, Kurt R.; Canta, Chiara; Siciliani, Luigi, et al.Working paperOpen access
2019Hospital competition under patient inertia: do switching costs stimulate quality provision?Sá, Luís Carlos SousaWorking paperOpen access
2018Hospital competition under pay-for-performance: quality, mortality and readmissionsLisi, Domenico; Siciliani, Luigi; Straume, Odd RuneWorking paperOpen access
2012Hospital competition with soft budgetsBrekke, Kurt R.; Siciliani, Luigi; Straume, Odd RuneWorking paperOpen access