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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2020Biorremediação de solos contaminados com PAH (hidrocarbonetos aromáticos policíclicos - pireno e fenantreno)Bertoluci, Vitor Joaquim MoreiraMaster thesis Open access
2020Evaluation of Ohmic Heating processing on extraction of bioactive compounds from microalgae biomassSousa, Vitor Emanuel da SilvaMaster thesis Open access
2020Assessment of microbial community interactions using different toolsRibeiro, Catarina MoreiraMaster thesis Open access
2021Strategies to increase 2-Phenylethanol production from L-Phenylalanine biotransformation using Yarrowia lipolytica as platformFreitas, Bruna Martina PereiraMaster thesis Open access
2021Deep-sea pharmacies: exploring deep-sea Actinobacteria for the production of novel natural products with pharmaceutical applicationsAmorim, Cláudia Teresa PintoMaster thesis Open access
2021Erythritol production from crude glycerol by Yarrowia species: strains comparison and oxygen influenceRibeiro, Ana Margarida MagalhãesMaster thesis Open access
2021Evaluation of the behaviour of bio-based nanostructures in food systemsMarques, Márcia Cristina TeixeiraMaster thesis Open access
2021Development of a fast and reliable phage-based method for Paenibacillus larvae detectionMota, Renato Veloso daMaster thesis Embargoed access (2 Years)
2021Engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the production of value-added compounds from lignocellulosic-derived furansLima, Henrique Gonçalves deMaster thesis Open access
2020Implementação da norma BRCGS for Food Safety versão 8 numa indústria de carnesCarvalho, Marta Gabriela Barbosa deMaster thesis Restricted access (Author)