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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2016Classification and structure-based inference of transcriptional regulatory proteinsBarros, Diana Manuela PintoMaster thesis Open access
2017Manutenção de sistemas de gestão da qualidade e segurança alimentarAssunção, Filipa Alves deMaster thesis Open access
2016Development of a computational approach for the identification and annotation of transport proteinsFaria, Daniel Torres VarzimMaster thesis Open access
2016A critical evaluation of automatic atom mapping algorithms and toolsOsório, Nuno Manuel CarneiroMaster thesis Open access
2016Finding new genes and pathways involved in cancer development by analysing insertional mutagenesis dataMachado, Adrien FernandesMaster thesis Open access
2016Bioprocessing of main agro-industrial wastes of Portugal for protein enrichment and lignocellulolytic enzymes productionSousa, Daniel Filipe Martins Afonso Correia deMaster thesis Open access
2016Evolutionary engineering of lactic acid bacteriaGomes, José Fernando SantosMaster thesis Open access
5-Mar-2015Exploring chemical conversions in metabolic networks by tracing atoms transitionsMeireles, Brígida da Natividade Pinheiro Ribeiro deMaster thesis Open access
3-Mar-2016Estimation of the glottal flow from the speech or singing voiceBeleza, Hugo Miguel FerreiraMaster thesis Open access
27-Jul-2016Machine learning approaches for predicting effects of drug combinations in cancerBaptista, Delora SoeiroMaster thesis Open access