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TitleEuropean overview of sustainable policies and approaches in COST C25 member countries
Author(s)Gervásio, Helena Maria Santos
Blok, Rijk
Silva, L. Simões da
Giarma, C.
Bikas, D.
Grecea, D.
Van Egmond, E.
Krigsvoll, G.
Koukkari, Heli
Kahraman, I.
Kontoleon, K.
Bragança, L.
Broniewicz, M.
Fumo, M.
Glaumann, M.
Wallhagen, M.
Huovila, P.
Mateus, Ricardo
Morbiducci, R.
Ungureanu, Vionel
Issue date2011
PublisherUniversity of Malta. Faculty for the Built Environment
CitationBRAGANÇA, L. [et al.], ed. lit. – “Integrated approach towards sustainable constructions : summary report of the cooperation activities of COST Action C25, [Malta], 2011”. [Malta] : University of Malta, 2011. ISBN 978-99957-816-1-3. vol. 1, p. 99-174.
Abstract(s)The implementation of the principles and methods towards a Sustainable Construction varies across different countries in Europe. In some countries, the sustainability of the construction sector has been effectively taken into consideration over the last years, while in other its implementation is at an initial stage. Many reasons may be pointed out for this situation. Different countries have different understandings of what is entailed in Sustainable Construction. Different cultural and educational backgrounds, along with different priorities in each country, are also contributing for the lack of a common European approach. General frameworks, aiming to cover every aspect of Sustainable Construction and to provide a consistent and integrated approach, such as Agenda 21 for Sustainable Construction, gave a major advance in the search for a common approach for the construction sector. However, general agreed methodologies and tools to make this common approach operational are still missing.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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