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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2006Spectrally arbitrary factorization: the nonderogatory caseJohnson, Charles R.; Zhang YulinBook partOpen access
2005On the number of invariant factors of matrix productsSá, E. Marques de; Zhang Yu LinArticleOpen access
Sep-2009Inverse eigenvalue problems and their associated approximation problems for matrices with J-(Skew) CentrosymmetryLiu Zhongyun; Duan, YouCai; Lai, Yun Feng; Zhang YulinConference paperOpen access
2012The multistage methods for solving symmetric positive definite toeplitz systemsLiu Zhongyun; Liu Chengzhi; Zhang YulinArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2013Multistage iterative methods for symmetric positive definite matricesLu Xuejing; Liu Zhongyun; Zhang YulinArticleOpen access
2010The reconstruction of an hermitian Toeplitz matrices with prescribed eigenpairsLiu Zhongyun; Chen, Lu; Zhang YulinArticleOpen access
Sep-2012Structure-preserving schur methods for computing square roots of real skew-hamiltonian matricesLiu Zhongyun; Zhang Yulin; Ferreira, Carla; Ralha, RuiArticleOpen access
2012On computing complex square roots of real matricesLiu Zhongyun; Zhang Yulin; Santos, Jorge M. F.; Ralha, RuiArticleOpen access
2009On the eigenstructure of hermitian Toeplitz matrices with prescribed eigenpairsLiu Zhongyun; Li Jing; Zhang YulinConference paperOpen access
Mar-2007Computing the square roots of matrices with central symmetryLiu Zhongyun; Zhang Yulin; Ralha, RuiArticleOpen access