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TitleAnalysis of damage building in the north region of Portugal
Author(s)Barros, Joaquim A. O.
Martins, Francisco F.
Issue dateMay-1998
Abstract(s)A damaged building in the North Region of Portugal is analysed. Geotechnical characterisation of the soil foundation is presented. This soil has a low bearing capacity and the water level is near the ground surface. The reinforced concrete structural skeleton of this building consists of a mat foundation and slabs joined by walls. The façades of the building are in air brick masonry. Instrumental devices to measure the settlements of the building were installed. To observe the behaviour of the developed cracks, a monitoring system was also applied. The water table was observed with piezometers. A tridimensional numerical linear-elastic analysis using a finite element computer program considering soil-structure interaction is done. The soil is modelled using springs distributed continuously and the values of the modulus of subgrade vertical reaction are estimated from the geotechnical properties. The numerical results reveal the deformations and the damages of the building. These results are compared with the field observations. A rehabilitation structural solution is analysed in order to decrease the differential settlements and the soil pressure, and sustain the crack development.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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