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TitleTransport properties of graphene with one-dimensional charge de- fects
Author(s)Ferreira, Aires
Chang-Lin Tan
Peres, N. M. R.
Ozyilmaz, Barbaros
Xiangfan Xu
Su-Kang Bae
Byung-Hee Hong
Castro Neto, A. H.
Electronic transport in graphene
Issue dateApr-2011
PublisherEDP Sciences
JournalEuroPhysics Letters
Abstract(s)We study the e ect of extended charge defects in electronic transport properties of graphene. Extended defects are ubiquitous in chemically and epitaxially grown graphene samples due to internal strains associated with the lattice mismatch. We show that at low energies these defects interact quite strongly with the 2D Dirac fermions and have an important ef ect in the DC-conductivity of these materials.
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AccessOpen access
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