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TitleThe effect of thermal conductivity of RIM moulds in kinetics cure
Author(s)Mateus, A.
Bártolo, Paulo Jorge
Mitchell, G.
Silva, M.
Pouzada, A. S.
Pontes, A. J.
KeywordsElectroactive membranes
Solvent evaporation
Phase diagram
Issue date2008
PublisherTaylor and Francis
Abstract(s)Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) is a moulding technology used for the production of large size and complex plastic parts. The RIM process is characterized essentially by the injection of a highly reactive chemical system (usually polyurethane) and fast cure, in a mould properly closed and thermally controlled. Several studies show that rapid manufacturing moulds obtained in epoxy resins for Thermoplastic Injection Moulding (TIM) affect the moulding process and the final properties of parts. The cycle time and mechanical properties of final parts are reduced, due to a low thermal conductivity of epoxy materials. In contrast, the low conductivity of materials usually applied for the rapid manufacturing of RIM moulds, increase the mechanical properties of final injected parts and reduce the cycle time. This study shows the effect of the rapid manufacturing moulds material during the RIM process. Several materials have been tested for rapid manufacturing of RIM moulds and the analysis of both, temperature profile of moulded parts during injection and the cure data experimentally obtained in a mixing and reaction cell, allow to determine and model the real effect of the mould material on the RIM process.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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