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TitleDevelopment of a new generation of filament wound composite pressure cylinders
Author(s)Velosa, J. C.
Nunes, J. P.
Antunes, P. J.
Silva, J. F.
Marques, A. T.
KeywordsGlass fibres
Filament winding
Rotational moulding
A. Glass fibres
A. Polymers
E. Filament winding
E. Rotational moulding
Issue date2009
PublisherElsevier Science Ltd
JournalCiência & Tecnologia dos Materiais
Abstract(s)A new generation of composite pressure vessels for large scale market applications has been studied in this work. The vessels consist on a thermoplastic liner wrapped with a filament winding glass fibre reinforced polymer matrix structure. A high density polyethylene (HDPE) was selected as liner and a thermosetting resin was used as matrices in the glass reinforced filament wound laminate. The Abaqus 6.5.1 FEM package were used to predict the mechanical behaviour of pressure vessels with capacity of approximately of 0,068 m3 (68 l) for a 0.6 MPa (6 bar) pressure service condition according to the requirements of the prEN 13923 standard, namely, the minimum internal burst pressure. The Tsai-Wu and Von Mises criteria were used to predict composite laminate and thermoplastic liner failures, respectively, considering the elasto-plastic behaviour of the HDPE liner and the laminae properties deducted from micromechanical models for composite laminates.
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