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TitlePEANOW Prevalence study of abuse and violence against older women: literature review (Greece)
Author(s)Alves, José Ferreira
Santos, Ana João
Older adults
Abuse and neglect
Issue dateNov-2009
Abstract(s)The present paper objective was to identify, describe and compare the prevalence of older adult’s abuse and neglect studies developed in Greece. Through international databases and reports from Non Governmental Organisations a relevant lack of data on older adult’s abuse and neglect was encountered. The only study found aimed at communitarian setting, identifying a prevalence value of 16.4%. Psychological abuse was prevalent, especially through verbal offensive mistreatment. The major findings related to characteristics of victims and perpetrators came across what has already been found in international literature. Women appeared as a vulnerable group, as well as those older adults aged 70 years or under. The perpetrators were mostly men and were related to the victims, comprehending adult children the majority of the cases. Finally, older person’s abuse and neglect in Greece should be more consistently address, so more recent values and the dynamics of the phenomenon can be known.
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