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TitleAntimicrobial and antioxidant linen via laccase-assisted grafting
Author(s)Silva, Carla Manuela Pereira Marinho da
Matamá, Maria Teresa
Padrão, Jorge
Kim, Suyeon
Prasetyo, E. N.
Kudanga, T.
Nyanhongo, Gibson S.
Guebitz, G. M.
Casal, Margarida
Paulo, Artur Cavaco
Issue dateJul-2011
JournalReactive and Functional Polymers
Abstract(s)A laccase from Ascomycetemyceliophthora thermophila was used to assist the binding of chitosan and catechin onto a previous enzymatically oxidized linen surface. The process consists of the pre-treatment of the linen with laccase followed by the application of chitosan in a first step and catechin plus laccase in a second step. The results presented here support the conclusion that laccase is able to oxidize phenols naturally existing in flax fibres, and that the o-quinones formed promote the attachment of chitosan or/and catechin. The pre-treatment of linen with laccase is therefore the key factor for the success of catechin and chitosan grafting. A multifunctional linen product with both antioxidant and antibacterial properties was obtained with an acceptable level of durability in terms of end user requirements.
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