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TitleCompressed earth blocks using metakaolin and lime with antifungicide additions
Author(s)Eires, R.
Camões, Aires
Jalali, Said
KeywordsEarth building
Issue dateMar-2009
Abstract(s)Earth building with compressed earth block (CEB) incorporating cement addition in order to stabilize the soil and to improve its mechanical properties is a technique that has been used widely. However, Portlan cement can be replaced successfully by eco-efficient materials such as metakaolin and lime. Metakaolin is an artificial pozzolan that contains a much lower embodied energy and hence with much lower CO2 emissions. The lime used reacts with metakaolin to produce cementitious material with good mechanical and durability properties. This research work is developed with the aim of achieving an optimal mix proportion of metakaolin and lime and presents an evaluation of the mechanical properties and durability of such compressed earth blocks (CEB). Furthermore, in order to improve the mechanical behaviour, the durability, the resistance to bacterium and fungicide attack and reducing the curing time a small percentage of mineral activators was also used in the mixtures studied.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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