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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
18-Sep-2013Albertian grammatical transformations: from the treatise to the built work in the design of sacred buildingsFigueiredo, Bruno; Duarte, José Pinto; Krüger, MárioConference paperOpen access
Jan-2016Ordre et désordre pedant le enterrements de la miséricorde de Braga à l'Époque ModerneAraújo, Maria Marta Lobo deArticleOpen access
Aug-2016The problem of identity in architecture towards globalization: the experience of the house in Moledo by Eduardo Souto MouraRodrigues, Ana LuísaConference paperOpen access
2015Streets in Nablus old town: repositories for cultural identity and collective memoryTaher, Muath; Correia, JorgeConference paperOpen access
16-Jun-2014Interactive tabletops for architectural visualization: combining stereoscopy and touch interfaces for cultural heritageFigueiredo, Bruno; Costa, Eduardo Castro e; Araújo, Bruno; Fonseca, Fernando; Mendes, Daniel; Jorge, Joaquim A.; Duarte, José PintoConference paperOpen access
Feb-2013Atlantic urban transfers in early modernity: Mazagão, from Africa to the AmericasCorreia, JorgeBook partOpen access
2012Clash of power and creed: cultural (re)foundations in Northwest AfricaCorreia, JorgeBook partOpen access
2015Building as propaganda: a palimpsest of faith and power in the MaghrebCorreia, JorgeBook partOpen access
2014Continuing tradition: farms in the northeast region of PortugalGonçalves, Joana; Mateus, Ricardo; Ferreira, Teresa Sofia Faria CunhaBook partRestricted access (UMinho)
2018Using in situ gamma ray spectrometry (GRS) exploration of buried archaeological structures: A case study from NW SpainSanjurjo-Sánchez, Jorge; Arce Chamorro, Carlos; Alves, C.; Sánchez-Pardo, Jose Carlos; Blanco-Rotea, Rebeca; Costa-García, Jose ManuelArticleRestricted access (UMinho)