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TitleAnalysis of DNA damage and repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using the comet assay in the characterization of antigenotoxicity of plant extracts and phytochemicals
Author(s)Azevedo, F.
Marques, Filipe
Fokt, Hanna
Domingues, Alberta
Dias, Alberto Carlos Pires
Johansson, Björn
Oliveira, Rui Pedro Soares de
Issue date11-Apr-2012
Abstract(s)In this work we used the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae to characterise the biological activity and the mechanism of action of phytochemicals. We have assessed DNA damage and repair using the comet assay, which displayed a dose-response relationship with different DNA-damaging agents. Subsequently, we used this system to assess the antigenotoxic properties of a leaf extract from Ginkgo biloba (GBE). Experiments involved incubation of yeast cells, or spheroplasts, with GBE before and during oxidative shock with hydrogen peroxide. Our results show that DNA damage was significantly decreased upon GBE treatment in a dose-dependent manner. In addition, DNA repair kinetics was significantly improved in cells incubated with GBE. However, in the mutant strain affected in a DNA ligase involved in the mechanisms of nucleotide excision repair and base excision repair, oxidative DNA damage repair kinetics was unchanged with GBE, suggesting that the activity of this extract involves one of these mechanisms, or both. Hydrogen peroxide-induced cell cycle arrest in G2 was abolished when cells were incubated with GBE after oxidative shock, suggesting that the improved repair kinetics allows progression of the cell cycle and/or GBE can have a direct effect on its regulation. As expected, GBE treatment improved survival of yeast cells when challenged with oxidative shock with H2O2 and intracellular oxidation was decreased upon pre-treatment with GBE as revealed by flow cytometry.
AccessOpen access
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