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TitleAs redes sociais e a cor dos seus logótipos
Author(s)Amaral, Inês
Gama, Maria Gabriela
Amaral, Luís
KeywordsSocial network
Issue date2012
Abstract(s)This article seeks to briefly reflect on the role of social networks in contemporary platforms while that started to encourage new communicative practices. The phenomenon of social networks is transverse to the individual and organizations, fostering substantial changes in everyday life. Compression of space and time, the world is globalized. On the one hand, be on the network assumes that companies exist in cyberspace, sine qua non, to become more competitive, however, the social networks themselves compete with eachother in order to gain and retain more adherents. We also seek to reflect on the importance of color in the creation of logos, one of the elements of the brand. It is known that the use of color by businesses is a means to convey a series of subliminal messages that are crucial to the way they want to be perspectivated by consumers.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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