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TitleLandscape(s) in Second Life. The (e)motional along tracks
Author(s)Pires, Helena
Melro, Ana
Lameiras, Mariana
Second Life
Issue date2013
PublisherASBL Degrés
JournalDegrés: Revue de Synthèse À Orientation Sémiologique
Abstract(s)We frequently use the term landscape meaning a territory, scenery or even an object of art and its representation. ln fact, it is quite difficult to define landscape. ln a broader sense, it can be thought as the way we perceive the outside visible world. This means that landscape is deter mined by "the experience and interpretation of the world according to our internal reactions" (Simmel). Above its component elements, land. scape is an invention that results fiom the consciousness of unity. That is the reason why Georg Sinunel or even Anne Cauquelin point out the association between landscape and nature, although they are not the sarne. As far as landscape is concerned, its definition as an état d'âme implies the liquid character of an "intertextural" experience. ln Giuliana-Bruno's terms, this means that our memories and imaginations, as we pass through landscape, fashion the geopsychic and (e)motional rela­ tionship entailed with places. The purpose of this work is to investigate the role oflandscape in (e)motional experiences interfaced by a virtual environment such as the online world Second Life, created in 2003. Considering that both movement and emotions are particularly shaped by virtual reality, this investigation aims to discuss user's practices of experiencing landscape along tracks. Is landscape in Second Life an imaginary representation with no references to real experience? How is landscape virtually interconnected with emotions and memories? ln or­ der to answer these questions, the present paper explores several tracks in Second Life through which landscape, as part of the experience, plays a substantial role. To inquire about lhe way landscape is intimately em­ bedded in virtual strolling constitutes the main goal of this work.
AccessOpen access
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