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TitleSCAPE: final best practice guidelines and recommendations
Author(s)Ferreira, Miguel
Ramalho, José Carlos
Castro, Rui
Faria, Luís
Fernandes, Vitor
Ferros, Luís
Silva, Hélder
Vujic, Ivan
Kutner, Opher
Chivers, Lynne
Christiansen, Kåre Fiedler
Barton, Stanislav
Jones, Catherine
Lambert, Simon
Sierman, Barbara
Kaur, Kirnn
Ploeger, Lieke
Sierman, Barbara
Werf, Bram van der
Vujic, Ivan
Kutner, Opher
Kaur, Kirnn
Issue dateFeb-2014
Abstract(s)The SCAPE project aims to enhance the state of the art in digital preservation with a particular emphasis on the scalability of its solutions: that is, their capacity to handle digital objects that may be very numerous, individually very large, heterogeneous or complex. The motivating force of the SCAPE project is scalability, interpreted in several dimensions: number of objects, size of objects, complexity of objects, and heterogeneity of collections. The best practice guidelines and recommendations cover three areas of digital preservation. These are: Large-scale long-term repository migration, Preservation of research data and Bit preservation.
AccessOpen access
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