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TitleMINHO robot football team for 2001
Author(s)Ribeiro, A. Fernando
Machado, Carlos
Sampaio, Sérgio
Martins, Bruno
KeywordsRobot hardware
Game strategy
Soccer robot
Mobile robotics
Issue date2002
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science (including Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)
CitationFernando Ribeiro, Carlos Machado, Sérgio Sampaio, Bruno Martins, "MINHO Robot Football team for 2001", in “RoboCup 2001: Robot Soccer World Cup V”, Andreas Birk, Silvia Coradeschi, Satoshi Tadokoro (eds), p. 657-660, Springer, LNAI 2377, Berlim, 2002.
Abstract(s)This paper describes an autonomous robot football team. The work is being carried out since 1998. It describes the hardware used by the robots, the sensory system and interfaces, as well as the game strategy. Data acquisition for the perception level is carried out by the vision system, and the image processing system is described. Two cameras are used requiring sensorial fu-sion. With this architecture, an attempted is made to make the autonomous ro-bots more real world intelligent. These robots have a kicker with controlled power, which allows passing the ball to a teammate with controlled distance and direction.
AccessOpen access
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