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TitleProfile of dependents integrated in the integrated continuous care teams: an exploratory study
Author(s)Petronilho, Fernando
Castro, Paula Vieira de
Coelho, Teresa
Cardoso, Maria José
Gomes, Fernanda
Magalhães, Ana Isabel
Family caregiver
Issue date2014
PublisherElsevier España
JournalAtención Primaria
Abstract(s)Introduction: The National Network for Continuous Care (NNCC), where nurses play an important role, is one of the major pillars of the National Health Service and a crucial support to families who integrate dependents in self-care. Objectives: 1) to know the health profile of dependents in Integrated Continuous Care Teams (ICCT); 2) to identify signi􀃀 cant relationships between the main variables that de􀃀 ne the pro􀃀 le of dependents. Methods: It is an exploratory and quantitative study. The sample includes all the dependents integrated in 4 ICCT of the coverage area of a Local Coordinator Team at Health Center Cluster of northern Portugal (N = 112), referenced in the timeline of March 1 to August 31, 2014. Applied the form “Pro􀃀 le of the Dependents Integrated in the Care Providers of the NNCC”. Performed two ratings - at admission and clinic discharge. Results: The most referenced medical diagnoses were pneumonia (25%), stroke (22.3%) and osteoarthrosis (9.8%). Over 55% were “major dependents”. 45.7% of the dependents improve the dependency level and bodily processes (37%) between admission and clinic discharge. The overall average scores of the “autonomy reconstruction dependents potential” and “family caregivers potential to care” are, respectively, 15.2 and 38.6. Performed further statistical tests of inferential analysis with statistically significant between the main variables of the study. Conclusions: Substantive part of the care that dependents need and ensured by family caregivers is of great complexity and intensity, pointing to the importance of the support in care provided by ICCT.
DescriptionDocumento apresentado no 2nd World Congress of Health Research e publicado no vol. 46 (2014) n.º esp. da publicação periódica Atención Primaria
AccessOpen access
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