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TitleCULTURis: a creative Project between teaching and learning – vision on ICT in education
Author(s)Viana, Isabel Carvalho
Machado, Ricardo J.
Serrano, Ana Maria
KeywordsCreative Project
Tomorrow's education
Vision on ICT
Issue dateSep-2013
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Centro de Investigação em Educação (CIEd)
Abstract(s)CULTURis presentation problematizes a relational environment within an innovative context, where school is called upon to respond, based on Curriculum Projects. It plays a role for the understanding and discussion of the changes of curriculum management practices in schools (inclusive spaces for learning), and their impact to improve students’ learning in the Tomorrow's Education. A collaborative action research methodology and pervasive and ubiquitous technologies (Fernandes; Machado & Carvalho, 2008; 2007) are adopted to make tangible the concept of leadership for learning and innovation. The methodology approach of this study promotes reflective and critical construction of knowledge (Stake, 2003). Within the contemporary globalized world, in which we were forced to inhabit, some of us are not surprised with the disorder that it may pose, or even if it is a contemporary or an old disorder, as we perceive it rich in creative and innovative ideas (Viana & Serrano, 2010), creating an opportunity for collective development instead of an individual rise effort. The sense for interdisciplinary innovation values the learning with meaning, capable of promoting the confidence building in what you learn. The globalization and interdisciplinary assume a real-time interactive dynamic, when conceptualized and investigated trough the information systems. It also assumes a multidisciplinary and interactive curricular management (for example, interconnecting different disciplinary organized knowledge), generating and transforming thinking as well as ways of perceiving the environment and human activity (the experientially lived articulated with the socially shared) (Viana; Machado & Serrano, 2012). The main reason or reasons behind the development of this paper relate to the construction/transformation of what we perceive as design and creativity, of what we search in a meaningful relational environment for interdisciplinary innovation. This will be achieved through the creative project, as this is our belief, and because in the contemporary world, we know that this is the knowledge constitutive of human activity, capable of responding to the different challenges that the relation between learning and knowledge’s requires.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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