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TitleHealth status, use of healthcare, and socio-economic implications of cancer survivorship in Portugal : results from the fourth national health survey
Author(s)Figueiredo, Luís Pacheco
Lunet, Nuno
Health survey
Issue dateDec-2014
JournalJournal of Cancer Survivorship
Abstract(s)Understanding the morbidity and socio-economic implications of cancer survivorship is essential for a comprehensive management of oncological diseases. We compared cancer survivors (CS) with the general population regarding health status, use of healthcare resources and socio-economic condition. We analyzed data from a representative sample of the Portuguese population aged a parts per thousand yen15 years (n = 35,229). We defined three groups of CS, according to the time since diagnosis and the latest cancer treatment: CS 1 diagnosis within 12 months of interview; CS 2 diagnosis more than 12 months before and treatment in the previous 12 months; CS 3 diagnosis and treatment more than 12 months before. These were compared with the general population, adjusting for differences in sex, age, and place of residence. The prevalence of CS was 2.2 % (CS 1: 0.2 %; CS 2: 0.9 %, CS 3: 1.1 %). Self-perceived health status was worse among CS and short-time incapacity more frequent among CS 1 and CS 2. Health expenses were higher in the early stages of survivorship. Lower household income and financial difficulties were more frequent in CS 1 and CS 3 men, respectively. This study confirmed the higher consumption of healthcare resources and worse financial situation among CS. Our study provides valuable information for understanding the global impact of cancer survivorship.
DescriptionHealth status, use of healthcare, and socio-economic implications of cancer survivorship in Portugal: results from the Fourth National Health Survey
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