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TitlePredictive factors of a successful testicular biopsy and subsequent clinical pregnancy
Author(s)Botelho, F.
Figueiredo, Luís Pacheco
Leite, R.
Carvalho, A.
Tomada, N.
Vendeira, P.
KeywordsMale infertility
Successful pregnancy predictive factors
Testicular biopsy
Issue date2012
PublisherBlackwell Publishing
Abstract(s)Forecast of success with testicular sperm extraction and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) remains unknown, as predictive factors have rarely been studied. We evaluated the association among possible predictive factors and a successful biopsy and clinical pregnancy. A consecutive sample of men submitted to a testicular open biopsy in S. João Hospital was used. Patient's age, medical history, testicular volume, spermogram, genetic testing, endocrinologic results, biopsy results and clinical pregnancy information were collected. From the 113 men included, it was possible to retrieve spermatozoa in 79.6% of the cases, which resulted in 58 fertilisations and 22 clinical pregnancies. Retrieving viable spermatozoa on biopsy was associated with the identification of spermatozoa in the spermogram (100.0% versus 74.4%; P = 0.010), diseases causing obstructive infertility (100.0% versus 79.2%; P = 0.036) and no genetic causes detected (82.4% versus 54.5%; P = 0.030). Successful clinical pregnancy was only associated with lower female partner age (31.7 versus 36.0 year; P = 0.001) but not the quality of the spermatozoa or the time until the reproduction cycle. Identification of spermatozoa in the spermogram, diseases causing obstructive infertility and lack of genetic causes for infertility were associated with higher probability of viable spermatozoa retrieval but the female partner age remained the principal determinant of a successful pregnancy.
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