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TitleDe que falamos quando falamos em literacia digital? Um estudo exploratório baseado em revisão sistemática de literatura
Author(s)Faria, Paulo
Ramos, Altina
Faria, Ádila
KeywordsDigital literacy
Systematic review
Exploratory research
Issue dateNov-2012
PublisherUniversidade de Lisboa. Instituto de Educação
Abstract(s)The concept of digital literacy is polysemous, it contains in itself sometimes divergent meanings and it is used in many contexts. It has also been the subject of increasing interest by the scientific community, as documented in this article. Given the breadth of the semantic concept and its various meanings, we will explore the diversity of perspectives in which it is used in scientific articles that are circumscribed to ISI (ISI Web of Knowledge) and ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) databases. In this way, we made an exploratory study to understand, clarify and try to define the concept of digital literacy, taking into account the studied authors. To do so, we have decided to conduct a Systematic Review of Literature, a very common methodology in some areas of knowledge, but still underdeveloped in Portugal, particularly in the field of Educational Sciences. Thus, this paper details the process of search and processing of information, determined from an appropriately specified protocol. A Systematic Review involves a rigorous and objective research leading to the selection of sources, a process as far as possible of personal beliefs or subjective evaluations influenced by geographical coordinates or by the belonging to a particular academic community. Thus, we present a) the process and results of a systematic review with the EndNote support for the concept, b) data analysis using NVivo c) the conclusion about the current state of the art regarding the concept of digital literacy.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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