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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
21-Jun-2020Assessment of the mechanical and thermal properties of injection-molded poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate)/hydroxyapatite nanoparticles parts for use in bone tissue engineeringIvorra-Martinez, Juan; Quiles-Carrillo, Luis; Boronat, Teodomiro; Torres-Giner, Sergio; Covas, J. A.ArticleOpen access
1-Feb-2022Optimization of polymer processing: a review (Part II - Molding technologies)Gaspar-Cunha, A.; Covas, J. A.; Sikora, JanuszArticleOpen access
Oct-2020Minimally processed date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) leaves fibers as natural fillers and processing aids in poly(lactic acid) composites designed for the extrusion film blowing of thin packagesKharrat, F.; Khlif, M.; Hilliou, L.; Haboussi, M.; Covas, J. A.; Nouri, H.; Bradai, C.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Jul-2020In-process assessment of clay dispersion in PLA during melt compounding: Effects of screw speed and filler contentTeixeira, P. F.; Covas, J. A.; Hilliou, L.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2020Taking advantage of the functional synergism between carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoplatelets to obtain polypropylene-based nanocomposites with enhanced oxidative resistanceInfurna, Giulia; Teixeira, Paulo Francisco; Hilliou, L.; Dintcheva, Nadka Tz.; La Mantia, Francesco Paolo; Covas, J. A.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
29-Jun-2021In-line rheo-optical investigation of the dispersion of organoclay in a polymer matrix during twin-screw compoundingTeixeira, Paulo Francisco; Covas, J. A.; Hilliou, L.ArticleOpen access
2021Dispersion of graphite nanoplates in polypropylene by melt mixing: the effects of hydrodynamic stresses and residence timeFerrás, Luís Jorge Lima; Fernandes, C.; Semyonov, Denis; Nóbrega, J. M.; Covas, J. A.ArticleOpen access
2020Film blowing of PHB-based systems for home compostable food packagingTeixeira, Paulo Francisco; Covas, J. A.; Suarez, M. J.; Angulo, I.; Hilliou, L.ArticleOpen access
2021In‐process rheological monitoring of extrusion‐based polymer processesHilliou, L.; Covas, J. A.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Sep-2020Online optical monitoring of polymer melting in a twin-screw extruderBicalho, L.; Covas, J. A.; Canevarolo, S. V.ArticleOpen access