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TitleDesign, seduction and fashion products
Author(s)Faria, Ana Paula
Cunha, Joana
Providência, B.
KeywordsInteraction Design
Fashion Communication
Issue date11-Sep-2014
PublisherSGEM World Science
JournalInternational Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences on Social Sciences and Arts
Abstract(s)Fashion communication has been through major changes in the recent years with the emergence and evolution of the new digital media. Advertisement is addressed in multiple channels, not limited to printed media. There is a growing concern in providing timely information to the consumer and creating powerful visual profiles. The research sought to clarify how Fashion has adapted to this new paradigm, through the analysis of three interactive Fashion communication products: two iPad apps – The Unlimited Magazine and Post Magazine – and a microsite that promotes specific sports footwear. Another primary purpose of the present study was the identification of elected strategies to attract the consumer. Two tables were designed, based on the insights of relevant professionals in the field of Interaction Design, such as Giles Colborne and Trevor van Gorp, in order to analyze the products according to two different perspectives: the first relates to usability, the second relates to the emotional impact this products have on its users. The criteria are based on the strategies proposed by authors, such as using images on a considerable scale, in order to make product interaction experiences simpler and more seducing. A numeric scale was considered for the evaluation of whether the product conforms with greater or lesser intensity to each criterion. Briefly, it was concluded that they all exhibit a concern in offering the user an active role since they incite interaction. By stimulating multiple senses and approaching themes such as nudity, they trigger human evolutionary mechanisms and attract on an unconscious level. In terms of usability it was verified that the apps contain perceptible instructions and present information in an organized way and due to this its use becomes simplified. On the other hand, the microsite presents some inconsistencies due to the absence of instructions and the similarities in the content presentation, what may result in a more unpleasant experience. Finally, it´s noteworthy that the understanding of the mechanisms inherent to the products has become a valuable aid and a good starting point for the development of promising Fashion communication products.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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