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TitleIsraeli planning policies in the Jordan Valley
Author(s)Dababat, Safaa Hamada
Vieira, António
Ghodieh, Ahmed Ra'fat
Jordan Valley
Oslo agreement
Colonial settlement
Issue date2015
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Departamento de Geografia
CitationDababat, Safaa; Vieira, António; Ghodieh, Ahmed R.Israeli planning policies in the Jordan Valley, In II Simpósio de pesquisa em Geografia , 85-98, ISBN: 978-989-98857-0-7. Guimarães: DGeoUM - Departamento de Geografia da Universidade do Minho, 2015.
Abstract(s)Since the Israeli occupation for West Bank in 1976, the Israeli occupation has intentionally performed the process of migrating the inhabitancy of Jordan valley in order to empty it from its Palestinian native population and build Israeli colonial settlements in it. Where the Israeli occupation has followed several policies such as: expropriation of the land and natural resources, prevent the Palestinians from building and expansion and demolition many of the residential and agricultural facilities for the excuse of not having permits, which has negatively affected all the aspects of Palestinian citizens life in the region. And in this study, the focus was pointed toward the policies that were followed by the Israeli occupation in planning for the Jordan valley region. The obstacles that were set by the Israeli occupation in front of the development planning and execution operations for the Palestinian residential communities were studied, where the majority of the Palestinian communities in Jordan valley is lacking for the basic life factors such as: water, electricity and sewage systems, they also don’t have schools and health centers to serve people there. Where all kind of services are provided in the Israeli colonial settlements that are built in Jordan valley with cheap costs in order to seduce and encourage the Israeli settlers to live in these Israeli colonial settlements.
TypeBook part
DescriptionColecção: Atas, n.º 4
Other identifiers978-989-98857-0-7
AccessOpen access
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