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dc.contributor.authorSantos, Danielapor
dc.contributor.authorPinheiro, Elisabetepor
dc.contributor.authorTeixeira, Aidapor
dc.contributor.authorMacedo, Ana Paulapor
dc.identifier.citationSantos, Daniela; Pinheiro, Elisabete; Teixeira, Aida; Macedo, Ana (2015). Care in Hospital organization: the perspective of the nurses. International Journal for human Caring. International Association for Human Caring: Pennsylvania. Vol. 19, nº3, pp.57.por
dc.description.abstractThis project takes place at the Hospital de Braga, an university hospital in Portugal, and his end is predicted for December 2016. Some reasons motivate this project: on the one hand, the nursing literature emphasizes that is necessary to research the care and the way it is expressed by nurses. On the other hand, the opportunity arises and it is encouraged by the new Portuguese Development Professional Model in Nursing. One of the required indicators is the existence of a framework which can be enhanced with the support of a philosophy of care associated with the nursing conceptualization. The main objective of this work is to understand the appropriation of care by the nursing professionals, particularly in the behaviors which reflect care, and evolving into an organizational approach to caring because it can influence the care. The guiding questions of this study are: 1) what are the perspectives of nurses about care in the hospital organization? 2) What is the influence of the hospital organization on the nursing care? The used research methodology can be classified mixed because it associated techniques of the qualitative and quantitative ways. First - Collect and interpret the nurse’s perspectives about the care and how they experience it through the use of an open questions survey created by the authors. Second - Identify the dimensions of care valued by nurses through implementation of the “Caring Behaviors Inventory”. Third - Analyze the complexity of integrated care hospital organization, by applying the instrument "Relational Caring Questionnaire". So far, 88 have been collected answers about the meaning and livings of care that will target content analysis in order to identify the dimensions present. Like Watson (2009), we believe that caring is the main focus for Nursing, and it is the essence of any therapeutic interaction which occurs between the nurse and the person who needs care. Therefore, the researchers aim to follow this research line, in order to understand the care in the hospital organization.por
dc.description.sponsorshipInternational Association for Human Caringpor
dc.publisherInternational Association for Human Caringpor
dc.subjectHospital organizationpor
dc.subjectDimension of carepor
dc.subjectTheory of Bureaucratic caringpor
dc.titleCare in hospital organization: the perspective of the nursespor
oaire.citationTitleInternational journal for human caringpor
dc.subject.fosCiências Médicas::Outras Ciências Médicaspor
sdum.journalInternational Journal for Human Caringpor
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