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TitleA new and efficient synthesis of N3-cycloalkylamino-6,8-diaminopurines
Author(s)Fernandes, Soraia P.
Proença, M. Fernanda R. P.
Dias, Alice
KeywordsQuímica Orgânica
Issue date1-Dec-2015
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] The purine core is a privileged scaffold in medicinal chemistry and the biological relevance of purine derivatives makes them attractive targets in the preparation of combinatorial libraries.1,2 In particular, there is a great interest in the synthesis of 8-substituted purines due to their important potential as antiviral and anticancer agents.3 Reports on 8-aminopurines are limited and general methods to obtain these purine derivatives are still needed.4 Cyclic amines and hydrazines are key structural motifs in various bioactive agents.5 Here we report a novel, efficient and inexpensive method for the synthesis of 6,8-diaminopurines 4 incorporating cycloalkylamino substituents at N3position of the purine ring. (...)
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