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TitlePsychological intervention in Portuguese college students: effects of two career self-management seminars
Author(s)Pinto, Joana Carneiro
Loureiro, Nazaré
Taveira, Maria do Céu
Issue date2015
PublisherJohns Hopkins University Press
JournalJournal of college student development
Abstract(s)This article describes the evaluation of a psychological intervention—the Career Self-Management Seminar, Version A, for undergraduate students, and Version B for postgraduate students—developed to support Portuguese college students in career exploration, goal setting, design and implementation of action plans, and decision-making. A total of 120 participants from CSMS-A (experimental group, n = 58; control group, n = 62) and 98 from CSMS-B (experimental group, n = 62; control group, n = 36) were assessed by the Career Exploration Survey according to a pretest and posttest plan. Results demonstrate a significant increase in most of the cognitive, behavioral, and affective career exploration dimensions among the CSMS-A and CSMS-B experimental groups.
AccessOpen access
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