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TitleGender and media: where do we stand today?
Author(s)Cerqueira, Carla Preciosa Braga
Cabecinhas, Rosa
Magalhães, Sara I.
Editor(s)Cerqueira, Carla Preciosa Braga
Cabecinhas, Rosa
Magalhães, Sara I.
Issue date30-Mar-2016
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade (CECS)
Abstract(s)Nowadays, the public discourses about gender equality are commonly accepted in Western society. In fact, we live in an era of “equality illusion” (Banyard, 2010) because the mainstream discourses incorporate gender in the agenda, conveying the message that feminist struggles are unnecessary today. At the same time, postfeminism (McRobbie, 2004) gains importance and demonstrates the intricacies of a neoliberal, highly individualist culture that subtly imprisons the freedoms that it is supposed to grant (Gill & Scharff, 2011). However, back in 1978, Gaye Tuchman used the expression “symbolic annihilation” to refer to how the media represented women. The author refers to a “symbolic annihilation” because sometimes it is so hidden and subtle that it becomes difficult to perceive – and to be fought. Much has improved since then; yet a lot remains the same. Over the past decades there have been marked changes in gender relations, in feminist activism, in the (media) communication industry and in society in general (Byerly, 2013; Carter, Steiner & McLaughlin, 2015; Gallagher, 2014; Gallego, 2013; Krijnen, Álvares & Van Bauwel, 2011; Krijnen & Van Bauwel, 2015; Lobo, Silveirinha, Subtil, & Torres, 2015; Ross, 2009; Silveirinha, 2001; Van Zoonen, 1994, 2010). Now, in a globalised and media saturated world, the gendered picture is, consequently, different. The contemporary grammar is marked by diverse and complex tensions (van Zoonen, 2010).
TypeBook part
ISBN978-989-8600-52-3 (ebook)
978-989-8600-55-4 (print)
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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