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Title[Comunicação no European Parliament's ITRE Committee Working Group Meeting Horizon 2020, 8th September 2016]
Author(s)Sousa, Helena
KeywordsSocial sciences
Creative industries
Ciências sociais
Indústrias culturais
Issue dateSep-2016
Abstract(s)As a starting point, I would like to state clearly that there is no such a thing as a neutral policy initiative or a neutral scientific policy. Policies are based on visions of society and there is no such a thing as a neutral vision of society. Others might say that policies are based on interests (and they are, of course) but you still need to say something about the reasons for this or that programme. These visions (either more explicit or covert) establish the ground for decisions. When the values that sustain policies are easily accepted, these values tend to be more openly expressed. When these values are more difficult to articulate as public interest or common goods, then these values tend to be concealed in more opaque and inexplicit notions such as ‘innovation’ or ‘excellence’.
TypePanel presentation
AccessOpen access
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