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TitleEliciting emotions, a strategy for fashion communication
Author(s)Faria, Ana Paula
Providência, B
Cunha, Joana
KeywordsInteraction design
Fashion communication
User experience
Issue date12-May-2016
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Escola de Engenharia (EEng)
Abstract(s)Fashion Communication strategies are facing significant changes. New digital communication technologies are transforming human communication and interactions, allowing people to increasingly share more contents and information through mobile media and social networks. Thus, leading to a significant progress in developing online experiences. To gain notoriety and loyalty, brands need to emotionally connect with consumers. Hence Fashion Communication strategies should take into account the consumer needs and desires in order to provide powerful emotional experiences. The present work aimed at perceiving users emotional relation to new digital media, based on an exploratory study of an application developed for iPad, promoting a particular Fashion project. The usability tests provided important insights to demystify user’s relationship with the app and highlighted valuable inputs to be considered when designing exciting and memorable experiences, opening new possibilities for developing strong personal bonds between Fashion brands and consumers.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionISBN 978-972-8692-93-3
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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