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TitleA new method for extraction of exopolymers from activated sludges
Author(s)Azeredo, Joana
Oliveira, Rosário
Lazarova, V.
KeywordsActivated sludge
Biopolymer extraction
Ion exchange
Issue date1998
PublisherPergamon Press
CitationCONFERENCE PROGRAM COMMITTEE, ed. – “Microorganisms in activated sludge and biofilm processes II : proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Microorganisms in Activated Sludge and Biofilm Processes, held in Berkeley, USA, 21-23 July 1997”. Oxford : Pergamon, cop. 1998. ISBN 0-080-43382-0. p. 659-662.
Abstract(s)The exopolymeric matrix that surrounds the biomass greatly contributes to the efficiency of activated sludge systems. To study the composition of this matrix a preliminary extraction method is required. In this work three extraction methods (vapour, sonication and combined treatment by sonication and Dowex resin) were used and compared with a new method which uses glutaraldehyde. The extraction's effectiveness was estimated by measuring the total protein content, the total organic carbon in the extracted solutions and by determining the monosaccharide constituents of the polysaccharides extracted. The new method proposed proved to be the most suitable one, as it extracts a great quantity of organic matter without disrupting the cells.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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