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TitleCOAR Resource Type Controlled Vocabulary: DSpace Prototype implementation
Author(s)Príncipe, Pedro
Carvalho, José
Schirrwagen, Jochen
Open Access
Controlled vocabularies
Issue date27-Jun-2017
Abstract(s)Open access repositories are evolving in terms of the roles they play and the attributes they aim to express in their records. The use of controlled vocabularies in bibliographic metadata is essential to ensure interoperability in terms of data exchange and the provision of value added services. The Resource Type vocabulary defines concepts to identify the genre of a resource. Such resources, like publications, research data, audio and video objects, are typically deposited in institutional and thematic repositories or published in ejournals. Using the example of the COAR ResourceType vocabulary to describe the genre of a digital object organizational, methodological and technical steps of its implementation are presented using the integration process in DSpace. There two main ways to develop an implementation of the COAR resource types Controlled Vocabularies in DSpace: Controlled vocabulary and Dropdown (list).
DescriptionPoster presented at "12th International Conference on Open Repositories" (OR 2017), Brisbane, Australia, 26-30 June 2017.
AccessOpen access
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