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TitleSoftware for probabilistic-based durability analysis of concrete structures
Author(s)Ferreira, Rui Miguel
Jalali, Said
Issue date2005
PublisherTaylor and Francis
CitationALEXANDER, M. [et al.] - "Concrete repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting, ICCRRR 2005". Cape Town: [s.n.], 2005. ISBN 0 415 39654 9. p.321-326.
Abstract(s)In recent yeras, much reserach works has been carried out in order to obtain a more controlled durability and long-term performance in concrete structures in chloride containing environments. In particular, the developemnt of new procedures for probability-based durability design has been shown to provide a more realistic basis for the an analysis. Although relevant data is still lacking, this approach has been successfully applied to several new concrete structures, where requirements for a more controlled durability and service life have been specified. A probability-based durability analysis has also become an important and integarl part of condition assessment of existing concrete structures in chloride containing environments. In order to facilitate the probability-based durability analysis, simple software has been developed, where the probabilistic approach is based on a Monte Carlo simulation. In teh present paper, the software for the probability-based durability analysis is briefly described and applied in order to demonstrate the importance and sensitivity of the various durability parameters affecting and controlling the durability od concrete structures in chloride containing environments.
TypeBook part
ISBN0 415 39654 9
AccessOpen access
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