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TitleA spatial decision support system for participative planning
Author(s)Magagnin, R. C.
Rodrigues, Daniel Souto
Ramos, Rui A. R.
Silva, Antônio Nélson Rodrigues da
KeywordsPublic participation
Geographic information system
Spatial decision support system
Urban planning
Transportation planning
Issue date2005
PublisherUniversity College London (UCL). Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
CitationINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTERS IN URBAN PLANNING AND URBAN MANAGEMENT, 9, London, 2005 - "International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management (CUPUM’05) : proceedings”. London. Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, 2004. ISBN 0-9550581-0-4.
Abstract(s)The fast urban growth process is the root of many problems faced by cities of several countries, particularly those in developing countries. The participation of the community in the planning process can help to drive the development of a city for reaching sustainable development and to improve the community quality of life through an organized process. In that context, the combination of Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Decision Support Systems, through an online interface, can provide new perspectives to participatory planning. That is exactly the focus of this paper, in which a spatial decision support model with online community participation is proposed. Its goal is to promote an integrated and sustainable process of urban and transportation planning for Brazilian medium-sized cities by joining together planners, decision makers and the community in the planning process. A system under development for the city of Bauru is presented to exemplify the proposed approach.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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