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TitleUsing mobile apps to promote online safety: advice and support needs from a child and youth centred perspective
Author(s)Monteiro, Ana Francisca Cunha
Pinto, Maribel dos Santos Miranda
Silva, Carlos
Vieira, Joana
Osório, António José
Issue date25-Nov-2017
Abstract(s)This paper presents first results from the Apps4eSafety project (, an ongoing study on the use of mobile applications to promote children and youth online safety. Two focus groups were conducted, involving youngsters up to 14 years old. Participants were invited to share their own perspectives on online safety and discuss the viability of using mobile apps to address their specific demands. Existing online safety applications were also submitted to an exploratory analysis. Data was collected through audio records and observational notes and submitted to content analysis. Results provide innovative and practical insights regarding support needs and motivations concerning online safety, from a child and youth centred perspective. Implications in terms of prevention and assistance are discussed. The Apps4eSafety project will: i) survey needs and motivations concerning online safety, from a children and youth centred perspective and ii) explore the potential of using apps to address these demands. This research builds on the awareness that: i) when involved in situations causing discomfort, doubt or distress, youngsters find it difficult to ask for guidance and help from adults, fearing reprimands and punishment; ii) from a child and youth centred perspective, that is, considering their own motivations, agendas and peer cultures, advice and support needs, in regard to these issues, remain fairly unknown.
TypeOral presentation
AccessOpen access
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