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TitleCosmopolitan challenges: introduction
Author(s)Álvarez Garcia, David
Rosas, João Cardoso
Issue date2016
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Centro de Estudos Humanísticos (CEHUM)
JournalDiacritica. Filosofia e Cultura
CitationDavid Alvarez and João Cardoso Rosas; "Cosmopolitan Perspectives: Introduction." Diacrítica. 30:2 (2016)11-15.
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] The idea of a meeting in ethics and political philosophy is a cosmopolitan notion itself. It is supposed to congregate an international array of relentless inquirers to discuss each other’s work. To be sure, the practice always falls short of the regulative ideal. Some geographic and academic areas are under-represented and dissent has frequently the air of those family discussions. In this sixth iteration of our Meeting series we have decided to keep the general and open dimension of the encounter but to create also a special section with a convergent topic for our keynote speakers. The chosen topic has been “Cosmopolitan Challenges”, brilliantly addressed by Samuel Scheffler and Simon Caney. [...]
TypeConference editorial
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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