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TitleMultilingual and multicultural practices in higher education: the IntlUni project
Author(s)Moreira, Maria Alfredo
Núñez Sabarís, Xaquín
Paisana, Joanne
higher education
Issue date2015
Citation'Multilingual and multicultural practices in higher education: the IntlUni project', em Horizontes científicos y planificación académica en la didáctica de lenguas y literaturas, 2015, Braga,(em colaboração com Xaquín Sabarís e Maria Alfredo Moreira)., Ed. Humus, Braga, pp. 777-789.
Abstract(s)The main objectives of the European Erasmus project “International University: The challenges of the multilingual and multicultural learning space” (526646-LLP-1-2012-1-DK-ERASMUS-ENW) are the following: 1) to identify the quality criteria (reference points) that should characterise teaching and learning in the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space (M&MLS) and 2) to develop recommendations for how HEIs may implement and ensure the sustainability of quality teaching and learning in the M&MLS. This paper will focus on two of the project tasks: 1) identification of the various different types of settings for the international Higher Education Institution (HEI) with a view to establishing a typology of such settings and 2) identification of the linguistic, cultural and pedagogical / didactic challenges in the various types of HEIs in the typology. These tasks were acomplished through analysis of documents, focus group interviews and reports of real situations related to internationalization. 38 HEIs from 28 countries took part. The results from Minho University will be contrasted with those of other European HEIs and implications for intercultural competencies discussed.
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