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TitleDaily versus monthly disposable contact lens: Which is better for ocular surface physiology and comfort?
Author(s)Sapkota, Kishor
Franco, Sandra
Lira, Madalena
KeywordsSoft contact lens
End-of-day comfort
Limbal redness
Bulbar redness
Conjunctival staining
Corneal staining
Issue date2018
JournalContact Lens & Anterior Eye
Abstract(s)Purpose: To investigate the effect of soft contact lenses (SCL) wearing modality and lens materials on the changes in conjunctival bulbar and limbal redness and conjunctival and corneal staining after two months of SCL wear. Comfort level was also analyzed. Methods: In this longitudinal clinical trial, forty-seven neophyte myopic subjects were fitted with a monthly disposable lens (lotrafilcon-B or comfilcon-A or balafilcon-A) in one eye and a daily disposable lens (nelfilcon-A or stenofilcon-A or nesofilcon-A) in the other eye, randomly selected. Conjunctival bulbar and limbal redness and conjunctival and corneal staining were evaluated before and after lens wear. Effect of lens wearing modality and lens materials on these changes was also determined. Level of comfort was evaluated subjectively twice per day. Comfort level and reduction in end-of-day comfort were compared between different lens wearing modalities and materials. Results: Bulbar and limbal redness and conjunctival and corneal staining were increased (p < 0.001) after lens wear, and changes were similar with daily and monthly disposable lens wear (p > 0.05). Limbal redness was associated with lens materials, and lotrafilcon-B induced the least among the studied lenses (p < 0.05). There was no significant association between the wearing modality and the average comfort level and reduction of endof-day comfort (p > 0.05). Conclusion: Two months of SCL wear increased conjunctival redness, conjunctival and corneal staining, which were not associated with the lens wearing modality. There was a reduction in end-of-day comfort, similar to daily and monthly lenses. The change in limbal redness and reduction in end-of-day comfort were associated with the characteristics of the lens material.
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