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TitleCiência perspéctica e imaginário arquitectónico, de Roma para a província portuguesa
Author(s)Cabeleira, João
Andrea Pozzo
Gonçalves Sena
Issue date2016
Abstract(s)In Portugal, the Perspectiva pictorum et architectorum (1693), by Andrea Pozzo, is shed both into scientific systematizations by Inácio Viera (1716), stating perspective principals and apparatus applied to the deception of the eye, along with the development of architectural illusions such as the Quadratura painted by Gonçalves Sena (1754), at Santarém’s Jesuit College, that openly asserts the pictorial resources of spatial visual manipulation. This article observes technical and formal strategies undertaken by Sena, whose work is consequent to: reatise circulation among the city’s elite (producing a Portuguese translation); local imagery demands (after the departure of Simões Ribeiro who introduced and mastered the local quadraturist production); assimilation of Pozzo’s aesthetic and technical model (via the roman treatise); or by request of the Ignatian community (materializing an imagery program coincident with the one implemented by Pozzo at the Collegio Romano church).
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