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TitleA calculadora gráfica na promoção da escrita matemática
Other titlesThe graphing calculator in the promotion of mathematical writing
Author(s)Campos, Sara
Viseu, Floriano
Rocha, Helena
Fernandes, José António
KeywordsMathematics writing
Graphing calculator
Mathematics teaching
Issue date2015
PublisherUniversidade do Algarve
CitationCampos, S., Viseu, F., Rocha, H., & Fernandes, J. A., (2015). A calculadora gráfica na promoção da escrita matemática. In S. Carreira & N. Amado (Eds.), 12th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching (ICTMT12) (pp. 590-598). Faro, Portugal, 24-27 junho, 2015.
Abstract(s)Through writing, students express many of their processes and ways of thinking. Since at high school level some of the activities are carried out with the graphing calculator, we intend to investigate the contribution of this resource to promote the mathematical writing in the learning of continuous nonlinear models at 11th grade. Adopting a qualitative methodology, we collected and analyzed the students’ writing productions. What they write when using the calculator gives evidence about the information valued (when they sketch graphics without any justification); about the strategies used (when they define the viewing window and relate different menus on the graphing calculator); and about the reasoning developed (when they justify the information given by the calculator and the formulation of generalizations and conjectures validation).
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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