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TitleThe mesoscopic modelling of multilayered polymer diodes
Author(s)Ribeiro, R. M.
Conducting polymers
Charge transport
Issue date2006
Abstract(s)The performance of transparent devices based on semiconducting polymers depends on the component polymer molecules, on the device design, and on the polymer texture. The role of this texture and multilayers of different textures is the focus of this work. In this work, we build on the approaches described elsewhere to build up a more systematic description of the way texture affects recombination and other processes in simple devices. Our methods do not need major computing power, and could be applied in the optimization of devices. The results show a clear dependence of the electron-hole recombination rate on the texture of the polymer, which can be used to increase the performance of devices. Also the effect of including a dielectric nanoparticle inside different textures was studied. It was observed that the recombination rate and the charge distribution are influenced by the texture of the polymer, and so can be used to control where the majority of recombinations occur.
DescriptionPoster apresentado no "European Materials Research Society Spring Meeting (E-MRS 2006 Spring Meeting)", Nice, France, Junho 2006.
AccessOpen access
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